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Creating unique identities for discerning and distinguished individuals and organizations.
Specialists in Bishop Seals, Church Logos & Organizational Emblems.

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Every fellowship, Organization and prestigious individual deserves a unique and defining symbol that represents their collective vision. ABC has become the preferred choice in creating unique and distinguished logos & symbolic icons for those who look for skill-full artistry and the finest craftsmanship with a sensitivity to the correct symbolic imagery to capture the unique vision of each ministry or collaboration

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The official Seal of the Bishop or Bishop's Seal is a unique and distinguished symbol of the prestigious office of a Bishop. For more than a decade ABC has been creating personalized emblems for an elite and selective family of clients, using the finest symbolic imagery to communicate each individual's heritage and vision, these include numerous acclaimed Bishops, Arch Bishops & Apostles across the globe.
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As a compliment to our finely crafted crests & seals, we offer a broad range of additional Design Services. From custom stationary to web site design, banners, brochures and consecration program design to motion graphics and animations. The same sensibility and mind set that makes ABC the leader in creating custom crests and seals is applied to all our design services.
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The heritage of ones family can date back hundreds of years and is often immortalized in the form of a heraldic crest. Have ABC research and recreate your families crest.




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Unsure of which symbols best reflect your ideologies? Find out more about symbols their meaning and explanations by searching our list.


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